Corporate Events Unveiled: Our Exclusive Approach to Event Photography in New York

At Event Photography NYC, we pride ourselves on being more than just photographers; we are the storytellers of your corporate events. As a leading provider of event photography and videography services in New York and beyond, we understand the significance of your corporate gatherings and the invaluable moments that unfold during these occasions. Our exclusive approach to corporate event photography is designed to capture the essence of your brand, the spirit of your team, and the success of your event with finesse and professionalism.

1. Understanding Your Brand Identity:

Each corporation possesses a unique brand identity, and we acknowledge the importance of incorporating this identity into our photography. Before we even pick up our cameras, we take the time to comprehend your brand values, your mission, and your target audience. By aligning our approach with your brand’s essence, we ensure that the imagery we capture is not just beautiful but also meaningful and purposeful.

2. Discreet Yet Comprehensive Coverage:

Our skilled photographers are adept at blending into the background, providing unobtrusive coverage while ensuring that no significant moment is missed. Whether it’s a product launch, a company conference, or an awards ceremony, we have the expertise to document the highlights of your event without disrupting the flow of proceedings.

3. Showcasing the Human Connection:

Corporate events are not just about business; they are about the people who make it happen. We make it our mission to highlight the genuine human connections, the camaraderie, and the passion that your team exudes during these gatherings. Our photography seeks to portray the heart and soul of your organization, creating visual narratives that resonate with both your employees and your clients.

4. Professionalism and Attention to Detail:

From the distinguished guests to the intricate setups, we understand that corporate events demand a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. Our photographers possess an acute eye for capturing the finer aspects of your event, be it the CEO’s welcoming smile or the meticulously arranged exhibition booths.

5. Candid Moments of Inspiration:

While posed shots are essential, we believe that candid moments of inspiration can also make a significant impact. Our photographers are skilled at spotting those spontaneous instances of enthusiasm, revelation, and collaboration that often go unnoticed but have the power to reflect the spirit of your event authentically.

6. Storytelling through Videography:

In addition to our exceptional photography, our team excels in corporate event videography. We skillfully curate footage that embodies the essence of your event, allowing your audience to experience the energy and excitement even after the event has concluded. Our cinematic storytelling approach ensures that the emotions and insights of your corporate gathering are encapsulated in a compelling visual narrative.

7. Adaptability to Diverse Events:

From corporate galas to team-building retreats, we have experience capturing a wide array of corporate events. Our adaptability allows us to embrace the unique atmosphere and objectives of each occasion, ensuring that the final visual content aligns seamlessly with your event’s purpose and theme.

At Event Photography NYC, we consider ourselves not just photographers but collaborators in your corporate success story. With our exclusive approach to corporate event photography, we promise to deliver imagery that goes beyond documentation, leaving a lasting impression of your brand and the remarkable moments shared by your team. Let us be your partners in showcasing the essence of your corporate events and celebrating the triumphs of your organization with artistry and expertise.

Top 10 Places for Wedding Photos in NYC

The Best Locations in New York City for Wedding Photoshoots!

10. Williamsburg/Bushwick
Two neighborhoods known for boozy brunches during the sunlight hours and roaring
bars and clubs at night may be seen as an unconventional location for wedding photoshoots. But maybe, unconventional is exactly what someone might want. The areas where these two neighborhoods meet are filled with street art for blocks in every direction. The right photographer will know how to give your wedding photos stunning pops of color, unique and vibrant art, and a definitely wow factor that won’t be seen elsewhere.
Williamsburg also boasts a stunning waterfront with views of the Manhattan skyline, rocky jetties for the more daring couples, and the iconic Coca-Cola sign that is as much a staple of NYC as cheesecake itself.

9. Downtown Brooklyn (DUMBO)
Long streets, the two most prominent bridges in the NYC skyline, cobblestone roads, a
waterfront facing the towering skyscrapers of Manhattans Financial District, parks, gardens, well…DUMBO has everything a bride and groom can want in a location for a photoshoot.
Schedule your shoot around sunset time and any wedding photographer worth their mettle will capture a setting as warm as the love shared between the bride and groom.
The amount of variety found in one location is astounding, but be ready to see others. Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO is a hotspot for tourists and NYC locals alike, but with plenty of space couple will be able to get a wide variety of photographs in a standard photoshoot session.

8. Caesar’s Bay Promenade
Definitely a spot many wouldn’t know about, even New Yorkers, The Caesar’s Bay
Promenade is a large area on the edge of Western Brooklyn. Fields, a whole lot of the Sea, and the iconic Verrazano bridge make this area ideal for a Wedding Photoshoot that’s easy to access for everyone and perfect for those couples who want the attention focused on themselves, not just the location.
Sunset time on Caesars Bay is magical. The sun setting over the Bay gives the entire area a spectacular orange-gold hue and the area is known to be a photographer’s playground. Find one who knows the area well, and they’ll put a sparkle in your eyes that rivals the shimmer of the sea at sunset.

7. Prospect Park
Brooklyn’s largest and oldest park is home to multiple fields with gorgeous treelines,
multiple lakes, a stunning plaza, and a forest, yes a real forest! And all of these are within walking distance of each other. A sure alternative for couples who don’t want to take their photos amongst the crowds of Central Park or just don’t want to be another couple with their wedding photos done there.
The park itself is very large, and landmarks litter it’s edges.

6. Coney Island Boardwalk/Beach

Some New Yorkers may be rubbing their heads at this choice, but many others are surely thinking “Absolutely”. Located at the very southern end of Brooklyn this famous area may not be the first place many have in mind for a wedding photoshoot but that’s probably because they aren’t letting their imaginations run wild.
The Coney Island Boardwalk has a unique aesthetic, one not found anywhere else in the city. Sandy Beaches, The Calm and Shining Sea, a Rustic Wood Boardwalk, and Luna Park-home to the iconic Wonder Wheel and Cyclone- the choices are endless here, and a great wedding photoshoot can be done here basically anytime of the day. Some photographers may even be able to pull off a photoshoot here at night!

5. Southstreet Seaport
This small corner of Manhattan’s Financial District is a perfect location for any wedding
photoshoot. With plenty of space and sun it’ll be easy for your photographer to get stunning shots of you and your future beloved. With the East River on one side and the tall city skyscrapers directly on the other along with the compliments of ships, ferries, and the hustle and bustle of NYC everywhere you’ll easily get dynamic and stunning photographs.

4. Battery Park
Located at the very bottom of Manhattan, this location is just a few minutes away by car
from the Southstreet Seaport. Battery Park is filled with Sunshine, beautiful river views all around, monuments, and a park.
You can even hop on a ferry to the Statue of Liberty for some more variety in your photographs or even walk a couple of minutes to be in the heart of Manhattan’s Financial district where the towering landscape of New York is a perfect symbol of the grandeur of the city, and the love shared by both you and your partner.

3. Botanical Gardens
Opposite of what most outsiders think, New York City has no shortage of greenery.
Nowhere is that more apparent than within one of the several Botanical Gardens. Lush green fields, rows of colorful flowers and wooded areas, and tons of variety within each garden itself is sure to make anyone swoon at the breathtaking beauty within these locations.
The best time of year to plan your wedding photoshoots here are definitely during the Springtime, but they are all open year round and are filled with beauty each season.

2. The Met Cloisters @ Fort Tyron Park
Everyone has heard of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; with it’s grand staircase and
priceless collections of art that you can get lost in for days. But not many have heard of an off-site location of the Met’s called The Cloisters. This hidden gem in Manhattan towers over the city but remains a very well kept secret. Stunning views high above the Hudson River on one side and the rest of the city on the other, this is just the outside.
Housed in an actual European castle that was torn down and rebuilt where it stand today, The Cloisters are a Medieval Museum tucked away in the very upper reaches of Manhattan. It’s nowhere near as crowded as its sister museum. With grand hallways and multiple gardens within the museums boundaries it’s enough for any photographer to turn the location into a playground, giving you and your betrothed wedding photographs that will make not just one, but both of you feel like royalty.

1. Central Park
Central Park is without a doubt one of the most iconic locations in New York City.
Tourists and locals alike flock to the park in all sorts of weather and traverse it’s winding paths. The amount of different locations where you can capture stunning wedding photos is an entire story itself. You can have it all here; stunning lakeside views, a rugged and rustic wooded backdrop, grand plazas with fountains whose spires seem to touch the sky itself. With so many locations it would be hard to just choose one, and you don’t really have to!
Many of the locations are within walking distance of each other and there are plenty of opportunities for the right photographer to snap a few pictures on the way to the next one. All times of the day are great for Central Park, but the mornings and Early to Mid Afternoons are the best.